Takashi Murakami × PORTER

” BS – 06 ” T.Z. ORIGINAL ™️


8/18(sun)PM20:00 〜 8/25 (sun) PM20:00まで。

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8/26 (mon)





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Takashi Murakami × PORTER
” BS – 06 ” T.Z. ORIGINAL ™️

〈 Sales method 〉
Lottery application for Takashi Murakami and PORTER.

〈 How to join l ottery 〉

  1. Items are not available online shop. Access cherry online shop click  the banner〈Apply〉and go into the application form.
  2. Please read the attention and fill in all information required.
  3. Automatic notification of completing this application will be sent to your e-mail address you have registered in the application.

    starting from 8/18th PM20:00〜8/25th PM20:00.

    Winning notification: Message will be sent to the e-mail address entered in the form only winners on 8/26th.

    ■ Application for one time per person.
    ■ Multiple entries will be invalid.

    thank u .🍒®