HED MAYNER is a brand launched in 2015 by Israeli-born designer Hed Mayner.

    Hed Mayner grew up in Amka, a small village near the northern Israeli-Lebanese border, before moving to Jerusalem. After studying at the Bezalel Institute of Art and Design in Jerusalem, he entered the prestigious fashion school Institut Français du La Mode (IFM) in Paris.

    Currently based in Paris, and from the 2018 SS collection is announced in Paris.
    It features traditional tailoring and military outerwear inspired by the Middle East, an architectural silhouette yet relaxed design, and an exquisite balance of luxury, modernity and sophistication.

    In 2019, he received the special prize “Karl Lagerfeld Award” of the “LVMH Young Fashion Designer Prize”, which is said to be the gateway to success for young fashion designers around the world.

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    11 products