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New items will be on sale online from 20:00 today, October 30th (Monday)!

Takashi Murakami / kaikai kiki
"New Arrivals"

Takashi Murakami / kaikai kiki's new original items will be on sale online today, October 30th (Monday) from 8pm!

This time, new hoodies and denim shirts are in the lineup!

The hoodie has Takashi Murakami's brand character ``Ohana-chan'' printed on the sleeves and back, and a paisley pattern is designed around ``Ohana-chan'' on the back.

In addition, the buttons of the denim shirt are decorated with the words ``Hana-chan'' and ``Murakami Flower,'' and the front hem has the 108 characters ``108 worldly desires'' and the back part has the leather brand name. A patch is attached.

Check out the new hoodies and denim shirts, which are simple yet packed with Takashi Murakami's works and thoughts throughout!

New items will be on sale from 8pm today!

[Release date and time]
October 30th (Monday) 20:00

[Sold in stores]
Now on sale

【Date of shipment】
October 31st (Tuesday)

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Flower Bandana Sweat Hoody

Flower Bandana Sweat Hoody

TMKK MF 108 Bonno Over Size Denim Shirts