【Long-awaited restock】
「Takashi Murakami × ©SAINT M××××××」 will be sold exclusively on APP and cherry online from 20:00 on Tuesday, December 20th!

©︎SAINT M××××××
Takashi Murakami

A limited number of "MURAKAMI Hoodie" and "MURAKAMI pants" from the collaboration items of Mr. Takashi Murakami and "©SAINT Mxxxxxx", which attracts attention every time they are released, are listed!

From 20:00 today, December 20th, it will be on sale exclusively for APP and cherry online!

The “MURAKAMI Hoodie” has “JESUS”, a representative motif of “©SAINT Mxxxxxx” drawn by Takashi Murakami, and “flowers” ​​are printed on the back.

The “MURAKAMI pants”, which have a characteristic graphic on the entire side, are designed with Takashi Murakami's signature and message on the hips.

Both items faithfully reproduce the vintage feel pursued by “©SAINT Mxxxxxx”, and the dull-colored fabric and monochromatic illustrations by Takashi Murakami are a perfect match. .

The collaboration item of the limited list stock is
On sale from 20:00 on 12/20 (Tue.)!

[Release date and time]
APP・cherry online
December 20 (Tue) 20:00

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Takashi MurakamiשSAINT M××××××

Takashi MurakamiשSAINT M××××××