Announcement of solo exhibition "POP" at cherry fukuoka

Announcement of SNEAKERWOLF solo exhibition "POP"

Tokyo-based artist SNEAKERWOLF will hold his first Fukuoka solo exhibition "POP" at cherry fukuoka.

SNEAKERWOLF has gained popularity with the "Kanji-graphy" series, a series of works that express the Edo characters that combine the alphabet using the textures of pop art and graffiti art.

Currently, the structure of Edo characters is associated with super deformation in modern anime culture, and based on the art theory named "Super Deformism", in addition to word works, abstract works such as brush strokes, characters, etc. I extend the theory to concrete works.

In addition, SNEAKERWOLF is active based on the consistent theme of iconoclasm (iconoclasm, breaking down of conventions), destruction of stereotypes, and deconstruction.

This exhibition by SNEAKERWOLF is titled "POP" and features 6 new works in the "Kanji-graphy" series that crosses over time from the Edo era to American pop art, graffiti, animation, and other POP cultures. In addition to the exhibition and sales, we will sell a limited edition of 30 copies of the new edition work "LOVE", which SNEAKERWOLF devised and named "Super Stencil", which is not a silkscreen or a stencil, but a unique and edition work. increase.

In addition, using the artwork of "CHERRY" produced to commemorate this exhibition, with the cooperation of Aizawa Dyeing Factory, which was founded in the Meiji period, a full-fledged indigo dyeing coat made with traditional techniques. We will sell an apparel collection using the same artwork.

Please enjoy SNEAKERWOLF's artwork expressed on various supports at cherry fukuoka.

We are pleased to announce our first solo exhibition in Fukuoka, "POP" by Tokyo-based artist SNEAKERWOLF "POP" will be held at Cherry Fukuoka, one of the leading select shops in Japan.

SNEAKERWOLF has been creating a series of works expressing Edo letters, which are a combination of letters of the alphabet, using pop art and graffiti art textures. "Kanji-graphy" series has gained popularity.

Currently, he is working on an art theory called "Super Deformism" that relates the structure of Edo characters to the super deformation in contemporary anime culture.

He has extended this theory to abstract works such as brush strokes and figurative works such as characters, in addition to his word works.

SNEAKERWOLF's work is based on the consistent theme of Iconoclasm, the destruction and dismantling of stereotypes.

This exhibition by SNEAKERWOLF will be held under the theme of "POP".
POP,which traverses POP culture that transcends Western and Western times, beginning with Edo, and including American pop art, graffiti, and animation.

In addition, SNEAKERWOLF will exhibit and sell six new works from the "Kanji-graphy" series, which are not silkscreened or stenciled,
but are unique works of art that are both unique and editioned.

The new edition "LOVE", named "Super Stencil", which is neither a silkscreen nor a stencil, but a unique work of art that is at the same time an edition, will be available in a limited edition of 30.

In addition, using the "CHERRY" artwork produced to commemorate the exhibition, we will also be offering a traditional indigo-dyeing technique,
with the cooperation of the Aizawa Dyeing Factory, which was established in the Meiji era (1868-1912)

The Japanese kimono coat(HANTEN) was produced in cooperation with it. and the apparel collection using the same artwork will be on sale.

Please come to cherry fukuoka and enjoy the artwork of SNEAKERWOLF expressed on various supports.

SNEAKERWOLF solo exhibition “POP”

Fukuoka Prefecture Fukuoka City Chuo Ward Daimyo 1-1-9 1F

12/10(SAT) - 12/25(SUN)
12:00-19:00 *Closed on Wednesdays.
free entrance

For inquiries regarding the event, please contact us below.
TEL: 092-717-5502
E-MAIL: info@cherry-fukuoka.com

SNEAKERWOLF Solo Exhibition "POP"

1-1-9 1F Daimyou Chuo Fukuoka-shi Fukuoka 810-0041 Japan

12/10 (SAT) - 12/25 (SUN)
12:00-19:00 *Closed on Wednesdays
Entrance free

All inquiries
TEL: 092-717-5502
E-MAIL: info@cherry-fukuoka.com


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