Special coupons for 30% off new 23SS items are now available! Available today, 6/12 (Mon) from 20:00!

30% OFF

Ahead of the full-scale arrival of the summer season, a special coupon will be issued for 30% off new 23SS items!

It will be available for 3 days from today, June 12th (Monday) 20:00 to June 14th (Wednesday).

Not only new items, but all items that are already on sale will be further 30% off! You can buy it at a great price.

In addition, the product you ordered will be delivered the next day at the shortest! Please enjoy your purchased items as soon as possible.

The long-awaited special coupon starts today at 20:00!
There are many last 1 items, so please put the items you care about in the cart and stand by.

Check out the details of the special coupon below!

[Holding period]
6/12 (Mon) 20:00 - 6/14 (Wed) 23:59

[Coupon details]
23SS Item: 30% OFF
Sale items: Extra 30% off the sale price

*Some exclusions apply

【Coupon code】

【Date of shipment】
We will ship the next day after you place your order.

[How to use the coupon]
The coupon code application column will be displayed on the checkout screen from 20:00 on 6/12 (Monday).
⑴Add the item to the cart ⑵Press the checkout button to go to the shop Pay payment screen ⑶Enter "SUMMERCOUPON30" in the coupon code entry field and apply please give me.

*Some items are excluded. *Can be used as many times as you like within the time limit. *Points are not eligible or cannot be used.