【Store limited release / STORE'S ONLY】
"©Takashi Murakami / kaikai kiki" original goods and apparel are on sale!

"©Takashi Murakami / kaikai kiki"
Now on sale at cherry stores only!

Official original goods by Takashi Murakami are now on sale exclusively at cherry fukuok stores!

Murakami's symbolic "flower" stickers, clear files with "Kaikai", "Kiki" and "Panda" designs, rainbow-colored flower keychains and stuffed animals, and many other cute small goods are also available!

Also, in addition to the new “Murakami.Flowers” ​​mats, cushions, mugs, acrylic key chains drawn with iconic dots created from the NFT Art Project, original hoodies released this year are also on sale!

In addition, the colorful and popular flower cushions that color your life are available in sizes from 30cm and 60cm to large impactful sizes (1m, 1.5m, 2m, and 2.5m).

Please visit cherry fukuoka, one of the few shops in the world that carries Takashi Murakami's official merchandise.

[Over-the-counter limited sale]
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