【©Takashi Murakami / kaikai kiki】
Limited quantities of flower mats will be available online from 20:00 today, 5/1 (Mon.)!

© Takashi Murakami / kaikai kiki

From "©Takashi Murakami / kaikai kiki", two types of flower mats with the motif of Takashi Murakami's masterpiece will be available in two colors and will be available in limited quantities online only from 20:00 today!

There are two types of flower mats that appear this time: a type with a cute "flower" drawn in a circular mat, and a "Die-cut" ver in which the mat itself is designed in the shape of a flower!

It comes in two color variations, a bright pink color and a blue color that seems to tighten up your room.

The size is 70 cm x 70 cm, making it easy to use anywhere, such as on the floor, in the entrance, or in the bathroom.

Isn't there a lot of people who started a new life in April?
If you purchase today, it will be delivered on 5/3 (Wed). During the Golden Week period, please enjoy it by incorporating it as an accent in your new room or current room, or by decorating it as a collector's item.

The popular flower mats are available in limited quantities and will be available only at the online shop from 20:00 today!

[Release date and time]
Limited quantity sale
May 1 (Mon) 20:00

【Date of shipment】
Wednesday, May 3

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Die-cut Floor Mat (Flower)

Die-cut Floor Mat (Flower)

Round Floor Mat (Flower)

Round Floor Mat (Flower)