【©Takashi Murakami / kaikai kiki】
The new reversible tulip hat will be pre-sold online today from 20:00 on 6/26 (Mon.)!

Takashi Murakami
Jacquard Denim Reversible
tulip hat

From "©Takashi Murakami / kaikai kiki", the new "Hat" from the original denim items will be pre-sold online from 20:00 today, June 26th (Monday)! It will be on sale at stores from 12:00 on Tuesday, June 27th.

From the popular original denim series released this year, the "tulip hat" with a silhouette that looks like an upside-down flower is now available!

The light blue and dark blue denim fabric, which is covered with the “flowers” ​​and “skulls” that symbolize Takashi Murakami, is produced in Okayama Prefecture, which is the birthplace of domestic denim and boasts worldwide popularity.

In addition, this tulip hat can be used reversibly.
The lining is printed with a one-point flower logo in a single color, and you can enjoy both the overall pattern and the simple design.

Check out the "tulip hat" that plays an active role in the summer season with strong sunlight!

New denim hats will be available online in advance from 20:00!

[Release date and time]
June 26 (Mon) 20:00

cherry shop
June 27 (Tue) 12:00

*If sold out at the ONLINE/APP STORE,
It will not be sold in stores.
Please note.

【Date of shipment】
June 27 (Tue)

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Flowers and Skulls
Jacquard Denim Reversible Tulip Hat

Flowers and Skulls
Jacquard Denim Reversible Tulip Hat