【©Takashi Murakami / kaikai kiki】The 2nd batch of 「Murakami.Flowers」 long-sleeved T-shirts will go on sale from 20:00 today, 11/24 (Thu.)!


Last week, the sale of the first long-sleeve T-shirt printed with "Murakami.Flowers" started.
The second installment of the attention will be released as early as today at 20:00!

The design is a large print of “108 Bonnō MURAKAMI.FLOWERS”, which consists of 108 flowers, the same number as human “worldly desires”.

Takashi Murakami's new solo exhibition "An Arrow through History" was held at NY Gagosian Gallery until June of this year. fascinated people.

All 108 flowers are drawn with different characteristics and arranged in a rainbow gradation.
A 2D flower and the “108 Bonnō” logo are dropped into the back.

In addition, as a unique feature of the long-sleeve T-shirt, the sleeves are also printed with flowers and heart graphics.

Sales start today at 20:00 on 11/24 (Thursday) on APP / cherry online

[Sales method]
Thursday, November 24, 20:00
After this, sales will start at 20:00!


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108 bonno MURAKAMI. FLOWERS L/S T-shirts

108 bonno MURAKAMI. FLOWERS L/S T-shirts