【©Takashi Murakami / kaikai kiki】Flower mats from Murakami.Flowers will be on sale from 20:00 on 5/8 (Mon.) in limited quantities only online!

Murakami Flowers
Die-cut floor mats
Dot Flower #0000

Last week, the floor mats released on May 1st were all sold out in about 3 minutes!

The new work that will appear this time is “Murakami.Flowers”, a flower drawn with iconic dots that was born from Takashi Murakami's NFT art project.

"#0000" is a very popular pink flower.
The mat itself is cut to match the pixels on the flower-chan drawn with a 2D dot pattern, giving it a cute finish.

The back of the mat is anti-slip, so it is also functionally excellent. You can put it in the entrance or living room, or you can decorate it.

Check out the popular mats in limited quantities now!

[Release date and time]
Limited quantity sale
May 8 (Mon) 20:00

【Date of shipment】
Thursday, May 11th

iOS version / Android version

Murakami Flowers
Die-cut floor mats
(Dot Flower #0000)