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Signed & numbered posters from the 「Korin」series will be sold exclusively on APP and online from 20:00 on 11/28 (Mon.)!

Kourin: Underworld full of light

A new poster from Takashi Murakami's hugely popular "Korin" series will be released exclusively for cherry online and app from 20:00 on November 28th (Monday)!

The new work "Korin: Darkness full of light" is a limited number of posters with Takashi Murakami's autograph and ED number on all of them.

Speaking of "Rimpa", "Kourin Ogata"
Rinpa was founded by Koetsu Honami and Sotatsu Tawaraya, and was inherited by brothers Korin Ogata and Kenzan Ogata. spread out.

Comprehensive art that oversees the boundary between "painting and craft" = Rimpa is also the origin of "SUPER FLAT" advocated by Takashi Murakami.

This series is a tribute to the Rimpa school, and this time it is a gorgeous work that uses special foil printing such as metallic silver for the background.

Takashi Murakami's iconic "Flower" is in the shape of a colorful chrysanthemum, and is characterized by its contrast with the small skulls in the background.

APP・cherry online
Sales start from 20:00 on 11/28 (Monday)

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APP/cherry online limited sale
November 28 (Monday) 20:00


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Takashi Murakami ED poster "Korin Hohashi"
<Kourin: Underworld full of light>

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