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The third collaboration print "smile_03 South Island Girl w MF" will be on sale online from 20:00 today!

Takashi Murakami

On the 13th of last week, Takashi Murakami and mebae visited the store to commemorate the release of their collaborative prints, and the event ended with a great response, attracting many fans not only from Japan but also from overseas.

This time, we received a lot of inquiries about the online release, and an emergency online surprise drop will be decided from 20:00 today, April 18 (Tuesday)!

This is the 3rd time, and the title is "Southern Island Girl", and the girl has tanned brown skin, blue eyes, white and pink hair, and yellow headphones. Details such as swimsuits have also undergone minor changes to match the new colors.
The background is covered with flowers that represent Takashi Murakami, making it a masterpiece that you can enjoy both works!

Check out the special print with both autographs on all sales!

Collaboration prints will be on sale online from 20:00 today! !

[Release date and time]
April 18 (Tue) 20:00

【Date of shipment】
Thursday, April 20th

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Takashi Murakami × mebae smile_03
Southern island girl w MF

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